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Next Meeting

Thursday 7 August 2014, 6.30pm

at Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road Brunswick.

During 2014, ISJA will meet the first Thursday of every month.


Melbourne — Thirty Years But Still No Justice!

National Day of Action to Stop Aboriginal deaths in custody!

Remember John Pat and the hundreds who have died in custody since!

Support these demands made by John Pat’s mother, Mavis Pat:

• An apology from the WA government for my son’s death in custody

• An ex-gratia payment as compensation

• That the police officers involved need to be brought to account and

a re-opening of the coronial inquiry into my son’s death

• All governments take action against racism in the police and the criminal justice system

• Stop Aboriginal deaths in custody! End the racist persecution of Aboriginal people — Conduct a national audit of the implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Make the findings public and table in Federal, State and Territory Parliaments, and, where appropriate, local government bodies.

• Build communities, not prisons! End privatisation of custodial services — cancel all contracts with G4S, SERCO and other profiteers from incarceration.

• Hold the police and custodial authorities to account — end the practice of police investigating police. Establish elected community based police review boards with the full legal and legislative powers to investigate, discipline and charge police and custodial officers found to be involved in a death in custody, negligence or lack of duty of care. Pass legislation to hold corporation and government departments responsible for their role in a death in custody.

• End the harassment of deaths in custody families — Provide full funding for families, both immediate and extended, who have lost a loved one in custody to meet to allow their collective demands — including for apologies and compensation — to be formulated.

Noon, 28 September 2013

State Library, Melbourne

 Mother, Mavis Pat, has given her blessing for the National Day of Remembrance for her son and for the marches that will take place across the Nation.

“My son has never left me, I remember him every day. There forever remains a hole in my heart. I had hoped much would change with the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody but sadly it appears little has changed.”

Mavis Pat, 28 September 2012

Organised by Indigenous Social Justice Association – Melbourne

 For more information alison.thorne@ozemail.com.au, phone 03-9388-0062

or http://www.facebook.com/ISJA.Melbourne